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We specialize in providing personnel for comprehensive flowback and well testing services, playing a pivotal role in the successful completion and production of oil and gas wells. Our tailored services ensure the highest levels of efficiency and safety throughout the entire well completion process. Here is a more detailed overview of our offerings:

We provide services throughout all phases of the well completion process, utilizing equipment specifically designed to suit our customers’ job scopes. Our highly trained team of operators and support personnel consistently delivers exceptional service and efficient testing results.

We offer complete toe preparation and frac support, including flow iron with accessories, manifolds, and chokes, as well as the necessary support personnel to ensure seamless operation and execution of well completion.

Our drill out services involve the use of plug catchers, hydraulic or manual chokes, and separators, such as cyclonic or horizontal units, to efficiently remove drilled plugs, frac sand debris, and other materials from the wellbore during solid pipe or coil tubing drill-out operations.

Our diverse fleet of sand separators, including 5K and 10K spheres and cyclonics, is designed to meet various operational requirements. In addition, we install and run flares, high-pressure (HP) separators, low-pressure (LP) separators, gas scrubbers, and any other necessary equipment to fulfill our clients’ needs.

Our comprehensive well testing services cover a wide range of solutions, including well and facility watch services, advanced sand management and sand monitoring, RRC G-10 testing, and lab services, ensuring precise production measurements and regulatory compliance.

Rhedd’s has been a leader in measuring and managing increasing volumes of sand returning from the well during drill-out, flowback, and well testing processes. Our cutting-edge solutions provide clients with greater control over their operations, mitigating the risks associated with sand production.

Our skilled operators monitor wells and facilities as required, gathering and analyzing data from 3-phase separators, sand dumps, and various other sensors. They deliver accurate information in the desired format and at specified time intervals, keeping clients informed and in control

We offer Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) G-10 production testing and lab work in West Texas, using a large number of G-10 units to measure 24-hour flow rates, ensuring that our clients’ reporting meets RRC requirements for annual production levels.

Our hydrostatic testing services cover pressure testing for Rhedd’s and third-party service providers’ equipment used in completion-related activities. We also test and install other pressure control equipment, such as blowout preventers, during drilling, completion, and production phases, ensuring the safety and efficiency of well operations.

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